My new single is out today :)
Free download, go get it. And please share!

5/4 on Kalimba



This is the deluxe packaging for my latest EP YOUNG ISLAND. I don’[t have the resources to make many so I’m currently only selling one.

If you haven’t already heard the EP, check it out and download for free at

The package includes CD, Cassette with ep and demos on it, Vinyl with The White House and You Won’t Find Love If You Look on it plus hand-written lyric sheets and original photographs by myself.

I really wanted to do something to help the EP stand out and I think I’ve accomplished this. I’m handing a copy of this in as my final project for university.



My new EP is out now for streaming and download. Please have a listen :)

It’s free on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, or if you would like to support me it is available to buy from iTunes at

My new EP was released today


Bonobo - Animals

A lot is in 7/8. Didn’t notice until I heard it in a shop. Very natural rhythm.


Alex Metric - Ilium

might have posted this before but this is such a good track


Chris Lake and Micky Slim - Shake


Dark Sky - Totum


This is, in my opinion, one of the greatest pieces of music ever composed.

check 0:57

Don Davis - Welcome To The Real World


Miles Davis recording the soundtrack to Louis Malle’s Elevator To The Gallows. He basically just stood there watching the filming and playing what he felt, his sidemen had only rudimentary harmonic sequences he had prepared in his hotel room before hand and no main theme. It took him only 6 hours to complete the soundtrack.
It was described as “the loneliest trumpet sound you will ever hear” by Phil Johnson